how to play

verbose is a collaborative party game where 3+ players work together over 13 or more rounds to get as many points as possible.

Each round

  1. One player takes the role of the Guesser.
  2. Everyone else takes the role of Clue Giver.
  3. A random word is generated.
  4. The Clue Givers all see the random word. Each Clue Giver submits a 1-word hint with the goal of helping the Guesser guess the random word.
  5. Once submitted, any duplicate hints are eliminated and not shown to the Guesser.
  6. The Guesser is then shown only the unique hints from the Clue Givers. The Guesser must then try to guess the random word.


  • A correct guess = 1 point
  • An incorrect guess = 0 points, -1 round
  • A pass = 0 points

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